I’m now a fantasy writer, but I started in non fiction.  Writing as Kerr Cuhulain, I published Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca, Witch Hunts, Wiccan Warrior, Full Contact Magick and Magickal Self Defense. The first book has been re written and will soon be released by Acorn as Pagan Religions: A Diversity Training Guide.  As Kerr, I have a column with 182 articles on anti-defamation issues and hate crimes on The Witches’ Voice web site called Witch Hunts.  As Charles Ennis, I co authored The Safe Approach, a safety book for field workers such as social workers and nurses

I retired from the Vancouver Police Department in November 2005 after serving 29 years with them.  I was awarded the Governor General’s Exemplary Service Medal.  My past job assignments within the VPD include the Emergency Response Team, Hostage Negotiator, Child Abuse Investigator, Gang Crime Unit, and the Mental Health Emergency Services Unit.  I am currently working as a VPD dispatcher at ECOMM for Southwestern BC.  So if you’re a writer looking for information on police characters, I’d be happy to help you.

As you probably guessed from the titles of some of my books, I’ve been a Wiccan for 41 years and have been involved in anti-defamation activism and hate crimes investigation for the Pagan community since 1986.  I was the former Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon, an organization representing Neo-Pagan professionals in the emergency services (police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians).  I’ve been an expert witness on Pagan religions such as Wicca, Ásatrú, and Druidism.  If you’re a fantasy writer looking for information on magick, I’d be happy to help you with that, since magick is a way of life for me.  You’ll find some interesting resources on my blog.

One of the reasons that I’m interested in writing about swords and sorcery is that I am one of the founding members of a Wiccan order of Knighthood called the Order of Scáthach in Surrey, British Columbia in October 2007.  The Order of Scáthach embraces the Warrior philosophies, precepts and code of chivalry outlined in my books.  It is a registered society in the province of British Columbia.  I’m a martial artist, so I don’t just write about swords.  I know how to use one..  

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