Lexicon of Occult Terminology

If you’re starting out as a fantasy writer, you’re probably looking for information on magick as well as magickal beings such as demons and angels.  In the course of providing information on these topics to law enforcement agencies over the years, I developed an extensive lexicon of occult terminology: 12,775 entries, 741 illustrations, 43 tables. So I’ve decided to share it with you all on line in the hopes that it will help some aspiring writers out there find what they need to write that fantasy novel or the writer of the horror/thriller the information they need to make it hair-raising.

Where possible the sources are identified and their etymology briefly explored.  European sources include the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Theosophy, The Ordo Templi Orientis, the Rosicrucians, Gnostics, Freemasons, Astrum Argentium.  Neo-Pagan religions include Wicca, Asatru, Odinism, and Druidism.  I’ve included Vampyres and Satanic groups.  Afro-caribbean groups such as Santeria, Vodou, and Palo Mayombe are included also.  Since many Occidental systems have borrowed terms from Oriental systems such as Yoga and Buddhism, many terms from these systems are included in this Lexicon.  This is not, however, an exhaustive glossary of Oriental terms:  This is an Occidental Lexicon.

glossary a

glossary b

glossary c

glossary d

glossary e

glossary f

glossary g

glossary h

glossary i

glossary j

glossary k

glossary l

glossary m

glossary n

glossary o

glossary p

glossary q

glossary r

glossary s

glossary t

glossary u

glossary v

glossary w

glossary x

glossary y

glossary z

RWA Occult Lecture Power Point: rwa occult lecture


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